Common Airbag Suspension Problems in Newer Vehicles

Airbag suspension, also known as an air spring or air compression suspension, is a type of vehicle suspension. It utilizes an electric or engine-driven compressor to lift the chassis, otherwise known as the frame and wheels, off of the axle for smooth and consistent car rides.

When used in trucks and buses, this new suspension system replaces the traditional steel spring suspension found in many sedans or passenger vehicles.

Types of Cars That Use Airbag Suspension Systems

Many vehicle makers that use airbag suspension systems include: Jeep, Audi, Lexus, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Ford, Cadillac, Lincoln and more.

Many of these vehicle makes also offer leveling service that lifts the chassis off the axle when crossing over uneven ground.

Leading Airbag Suspension Problems

While a helpful modern feature, airbag suspension also has its own set of problems that require repair. The most common issues that affect airbag suspension include:

Airbag or Air Strut Failure

Air strut failure can be caused by wet rust, moisture within the air system, old age, rubber parts drying out, or improper installation of the air bags that cause them to rub, puncture, or overextend the air spring.

Any of these can cause the airbag suspension system to fail and make the vehicle immobile.

Air Line Failure

The air line connects the air bags to the rest of the air compression system. Often, these nylon tubes can get caught in the chassis, causing a puncture or tear. Road debris can often cause a tear or puncture in the line.

Air Fitting Failure

The air fittings connect the bags, valves, and solenoids to the airline. When these fittings fail, the airline is unable to transfer the air throughout the system, and can cause problems with the airbag suspension.

Dryer Failure

The dryer helps keep moisture out of the air compression system. Once moisture saturates the components of the suspension system, the air springs or compressor can burn out and fail.

Compressor Failure

The compressor constantly maintains the correct air pressure in the air suspension system. When an air spring or air bag is punctured, the compressor has to work extremely hard to maintain air pressure and will eventually burn out from the added strain. The compressor can also fail due to moisture in the suspension system.

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