Why is My Airbag Light On?

There are a multitude of factors that can affect airbag performance and proper functioning. Airbag lights appear when starting a car, but disappear if everything is working properly. No matter the problem, airbag modules are easy to fix with the help of a technician who can scan the car’s computer system to find the exact location of the glitch.

It is important to fix airbag modules right away, because while your airbag light stays on, your airbags are disabled. Don’t risk having an accident without the appropriate safety measures. My Auto Solutions provides airbag module repair services to the metro Atlanta area at their Buford, Georgia location.

Reasons for an Airbag Light to Stay On

Airbags, or Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS), can be disabled for a number of reasons if your car senses a problem. While you are not at risk of airbags randomly deploying, you are at risk of airbags failing in the case of an accident. Some causes of an airbag light that stays on include:

• Wiring problem between the steering wheel and controls
• Broken clock spring
• Your car battery was recently drained
• Airbag module has not been properly reset after deploying
• Malfunctioning of the weight/occupancy sensor

If your airbag light stays on, it is important to seek help from a qualified technician. Whether the issue is due to a broken airbag or a problem in the computer system, properly working airbags are vital for safety on the road.

Airbag Module Repair at My Auto Solutions

The experienced technicians at My Auto Solutions install, remove, or reset airbag modules. Located in Buford, Georgia, we serve the entire metro Atlanta area, as well as offering mail-in services for airbag reset and repair.

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