Climate Control Repair in Atlanta, GA

Climate control allows passengers to manage and control the temperature inside the car. The climate control module entails a vehicle’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems. Through these systems, passengers can remain comfortable in the car year round without having to worry about the temperature outdoors.

With summer quickly approaching, it is important to have a functioning climate control system. Before sitting through unbearable heat every time you hop in your car, make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning and venting instruments are running properly. If your heater/air conditioning units are malfunctioning, inconsistent, or not heating or cooling to set temperatures, you may need climate control repair in Atlanta, Georgia. Broken climate control modules can cause a clicking sound under the dashboard, or simply stop responding to temperature commands.

At My Auto Solutions, we aim to keep Atlanta drivers cool this summer. Our Buford, Georgia technicians repair and restore climate control modules without adding the extra fees that dealerships charge. If your vehicle is having trouble cooling your car properly this summer, our experienced auto technicians provide a solution for your vehicle and your wallet.

Why is My Climate Control Malfunctioning?

Climate control units may become defective over time due to excessive use and age. The climate control system works year round, and is required to work harder in months with extreme outdoor temperatures. Many common causes of broken climate control modules include:

  • Broken temperature actuator
  • Broken heater valve
  • Defective air flow doors
  • Wiring or harness problems
  • Clogged heater core
  • Damaged thermostat/climate control buttons
  • Malfunctioning A/C compressor
  • Damaged central vents

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