Reasons for Instrument Cluster and Speedometer Failure

It can happen when you least expect it; you’re driving down the highway and the instrument cluster goes dark, or the speedometer is stuck at zero. Car electronics, like instrument clusters and speedometers, frequently malfunction as a result of weather changes, natural wear and tear, and auto accidents. At My Auto Solutions, we help customers avoid costly dealership repairs with high quality remanufactured parts. Our workshop provides instrument cluster and speedometer repairs in Atlanta, GA.

There are many reasons auto electronics malfunction or fail. Listed below are some of the common speedometer and instrument cluster issues repaired at My Auto Solutions in Atlanta, GA:

  • Broken speedometer cable
  • Faulty speedometer head
  • Malfunctioning digital sensors
  • Defective speedometer wiring
  • Incorrect speedometer calibration
  • Damaged instrument cluster wiring
  • Burnt out instrument cluster light bulbs

Instrument Cluster and Speedometer Repair in Atlanta, GA

When instruments clusters and speedometers fail, a variety of vehicle safety issues can arise. It’s important to quickly repair broken speedometers and instrument clusters to keep your car in top condition. At My Auto Solutions, our team promptly and efficiently repairs speedometers and instrument clusters in our Buford, GA workshop. We provide onsite service to local Atlanta area customers and mail-in service to national customers.

Whether your speedometer works intermittently, or not at all, our experienced technical staff can remanufacture the defective part. My Auto Solutions provides a 24 hour turn around on all remanufactured auto parts, a lifetime warranty on our service, and a money back guarantee.

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