At My Auto Solutions in Buford, Georgia, we think it’s important to ask questions before any kind of car service. We encourage our Atlanta area and national customers to ask questions and understand what is happening to their vehicle or vehicle parts. Below we’ve listed a few questions commonly asked in our Buford workshop.

What are remanufactured parts?

Remanufactured parts are defective auto parts that are professionally rebuilt and restored to their factory settings. The skilled technicians at My Auto Solutions not only repair the worn out components, but they also replace obsolete elements and innovatively engineer automotive solutions. Using remanufactured parts is a form of recycling that saves customers money, and protects the environment.

Why is my ABS light on?

There are many reasons your ABS light might be on. It’s possible there is a fault in a wheel sensor, a fault in the pump motor, unit power loss, or missing sensor signals. At My Auto Solutions, we remanufacture ABS units to solve an array of problems.

What should I do if my ABS motor is always running?

The experienced technicians at My Auto Solutions in Buford recommend that you turn off a defective ABS unit as soon as possible. Letting the ABS unit continually run will burn out the motor and require a new unit to be purchased. To turn off the ABS unit, remove the ABS fuse and remove the entire abs unit from your car. Your vehicle will continue to run without the ABS, just use caution when breaking and protect the exposed hydraulic control unit with aluminum foil. My Auto Solutions can repair defective ABS units in our metro Atlanta area workshop.

Why don’t my headlights work?

If there is a defect in your Light Control Module (LCM), it can affect your horn as well. Atlanta area My Auto Solutions can remanufacture LCM units experiencing a wide range of light and horn issues.

Why is my airbag light on?

If you’ve been in an accident and your airbags deployed, then your airbag module needs to be replaced or reset. At My Auto Solutions we save you from an expensive airbag module replacement. We remanufacture airbag modules to their original factor settings in our Buford workshop.

What do I need to replace after my airbags deploy?

After your airbags deploy, you need to replace your airbags and reprogram or replace your airbag computer module. We recommend purchasing your airbags from a licensed airbag retailer and having a trained mechanic install them in your car. At My Auto Solutions in Buford, we reset airbag modules to their factory settings. Remanufactured airbag modules save you from costly dealership custom replacements.

Why is my seat belt locked?

When you’re in an accident and the seat belt keeps you buckled in your seat, sometimes the seat belt tensioner is triggered. Once the seat belt tensioner is triggered the unit needs to be replaced or rebuilt. At My Auto Solutions we provide a variety of remanufactured auto part services to help fix your locked seat belt.

Can you fix ripped or chewed seat belts?

Yes, at My Auto Solutions we provide many different remanufactured seat belt services, including seat belt webbing repairs.

Why won’t my car lights turn on?

If your car will turn on, but your head lights, tail lights, or turn signals don’t work, it could be an issue with your Light Control Module (LCM). First check that the issue isn’t cause by a burned out light bulb. If the car lights flicker, don’t turn on, or don’t flash like normal, My Auto Solutions can remanufacture the LCM unit to address the issue.

Do you adjust car mileage?

My Auto Solutions can adjust car mileage for customers with legitimate mileage issues. If your odometer is defective or getting your car jumped altered the mileage of your car, My Auto Solutions can help with mileage correction services. It is illegal to alter your car mileage and sell your car without revealing that information.

What do I do if my instrument cluster stops working?

If your instrument cluster stops working, you should remove the unit and send it in for repairs. Our technical videos  section provides guidance from one of our technicians on the removal process. My Auto Solutions can remanufacture instrument clusters with problems like malfunctioning gauges, no lights, flickering lights, or speedometer issues.

How long does My Auto Solutions take for repairs?

My Auto Solutions guarantees that all repairs will be complete in 24 hours. That means you drop off your part, or your package arrives, and your part will be ready for return 24 hours later.

If I’m mailing my defective auto part it, what do I need to include in the box?

Along with the defective auto part, please include a copy of your repair request confirmation; a piece of paper that lists your name, phone number, return address, car year, car make, and car model; and your preferred form of payment.

Where do I ship my defective auto part for repair?

Please send your defective car part to our Buford, Georgia location.

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