Volkswagen Instrument Cluster Repair

When a Volkswagen instrument cluster stops working, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible. Driving a VW car without working gauges can be hazardous, especially at night. At My Auto Solutions, we make it easy for customers to repair their malfunctioning VW Beetle and VW Jetta instrument clusters. Our Buford workshop provides a quick turnaround for all our VW instrument cluster repairs.

Our team at My Auto Solutions provides high quality instrument cluster repairs at reasonable prices. While most dealerships recommend costly part replacement, our skilled technicians remanufacture broken VW instrument clusters to improved factory settings. Repairs from My Auto Solutions fix a variety of VW instrument cluster problems, including:

  • Instrument cluster with no power or intermittent power
  • Dials dead or not working
  • Dial lights flicker or don’t work
  • Warning lights blinking
  • Instrument cluster lights flicker or don’t work
  • Speedometer not working
  • Instrument cluster won’t start
  • Instrument cluster with no power or intermittent power
  • Ignition lights flicker or don’t work
  • Gauges incorrect or not working

Atlanta Area Volkswagen Instrument Cluster Repair

At My Auto Solutions we provide technically innovative repairs for VW instrument cluster issues. Our Buford, Georgia workshop provides service to customers throughout the Atlanta metro area. We also offer a mail-in repair program for customers located outside of Georgia. All Volkswagen instrument cluster repairs are guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours of arrival, and function with no additional programming.

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