Mercedes Instrument Cluster Repair

Accidents happen, and even the best cars can have instrument cluster problems. If your Mercedes speedometer or instrument cluster needs repairs, it’s important to take care of the problem quickly. It can be dangerous and difficult to drive without a functional instrument cluster. Our team at My Auto Solutions provides reliable repairs for Mercedes C Class, Mercedes S Class, and Mercedes E Class instrument clusters.

Mercedes C Class Instrument Cluster Repair

The skilled technicians at My Auto Solutions are familiar with the unique instrument cluster repairs that Mercedes C Class vehicles need. All Mercedes C Class instrument cluster repairs are completed to our high standards and tested in our Atlanta area workshop. Our team fixes Mercedes C Class instrument clusters and speedometers exhibiting a variety of problems, including:

  • Dashboard instrument panel with no power or flickering power
  • Center display not working or flickering
  • ABS warning light on
  • Speedometer not working or not correct
  • Gauges not work, flickering, or dim

Instrument Cluster Repair for Mercedes S Class

My Auto Solutions provides customers with a cost effective way to fix Mercedes S Class instrument clusters. While dealerships frequently require expensive, custom ordered part replacement, My Auto Solutions restores existing electronics to their factory settings. Consider a remanufactured Mercedes S Class instrument cluster if your car is exhibiting any problems, including:

  • No lighting or partial lighting on gauges
  • No illumination on instrument cluster
  • Flickering or intermittent lighting on instrument cluster
  • No information or incorrect information on gauges

Mercedes E Class Instrument Cluster Repair

Our team at My Auto Solutions finds technically innovative repairs for Mercedes E Class instrument clusters. All repairs from My Auto Solutions come with a lifetime guarantee. We also guarantee that our remanufactured Mercedes E Class instrument clusters can be installed with no additional programming. Our team repairs faulty Mercedes E Class instrument clusters with issues such as:

  • LCD Pixel display with no power or intermittent power
  • LCD Pixel display missing pixels
  • Clock dead, flickering or dim
  • Gauges not working or dead
  • Speedometer not working or not correct

Atlanta Area Mercedes Instrument Cluster Repairs

My Auto Solutions provides Mercedes instrument cluster repairs for Georgia customers in our Buford workshop and national customers through our mail-in repair program  If your Mercedes car model or your instrument cluster problem isn’t listed, contact our shop for a complete list of services.

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