Audi Instrument Cluster Repair

When the speedometer, temperature gauges, or fuel gauges of an Audi car stop working, it’s time for service from an instrument cluster repair expert. Without a functional instrument cluster, driving an Audi car can be challenging and dangerous. At My Auto Solutions in Buford, GA, our team of skilled technicians provides high quality repairs for Audi A6, Audi A3, and Audi TT instrument clusters.

Audi A6 Instrument Cluster Repair

Our experienced technicians at My Auto Solutions can repair or remanufacture malfunctioning Audi A6 instrument clusters. We provide superior service and innovative solutions for a variety of Audi A6 instrument cluster issues, including:

  • Instrument cluster lights off or flickering
  • Temperature gauges not working
  • Fuel gauges not working
  • Speedometer or Rev gauges not working
  • Intermittent or no power to instrument cluster
  • Blank or blurry Audi center screen

Audi A3 Instrument Cluster Repair

We use rigorous testing for all of our Audi A3 instrument cluster repairs to ensure they meet our high quality standards.  Our remanufactured and repaired parts can be installed with no additional service or programming. My Auto Solutions make it easy to repair common Audi A3 instrument cluster issues, including:

  • Instrument cluster doesn’t work, or works intermittently
  • Instrument cluster lights are dim, or off
  • Fuel gauge doesn’t work
  • Temperature gauge doesn’t work, or works intermittently
  • No power or flickering power to instrument cluster
  • Audi center screen blank, or malfunctioning

Audi TT Instrument Cluster Repair

My Auto Solutions in Buford, GA is the smart choice for remanufactured Audi instrument clusters. As opposed to costly dealership repairs and expensive custom ordered parts, our workshop resets malfunctioning Audi TT instrument clusters to their factory settings. Choose My Auto Solutions for cost effective Audi TT instrument cluster repair, including issues such as:

  • Power loss to instrument cluster or speedometer
  • Instrument cluster or gauges work intermittently
  • Fuel gauge unresponsive or malfunctioning
  • Instrument cluster or gauge lights not working
  • Temperature gauge unresponsive or malfunctioning

Atlanta Audi Instrument Cluster Repairs

My Auto Solutions provides Audi instrument cluster repairs in our Buford, GA workshop. If you don’t see your Audi vehicle or Audi instrument cluster issue listed, contact our office for a complete list of services. Our team works hard to find innovative, cost effective, and high quality repairs for Audi instrument cluster problems. We offer services to local Atlanta area customers and people throughout the United States with our mail-in repair program.

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