Repair Services

The metro Atlanta area My Auto Solutions workshop provides quality remanufactured parts for a variety of common car problems. Our experienced Buford technicians service defective parts and provide innovative mechanical repairs, which are rigorously tested against our high quality standards. All remanufactured parts from My Auto Solutions come ready to install; they require no additional programming.

Customers can either stop by our Buford workshop and speak to a customer representative about their vehicle needs, or use our mail-in service to access our remanufactured parts. Listed below is a selection of remanufactured parts services available in our metro Atlanta location:

  • ABS Repair

    If your ABS light is on, your ABS pump is always running, or your ABS experiences intermittent power loss, your ABS unit needs service. My Auto Solutions provides remanufactured ABS units in the Atlanta area and nationally.

  • Airbag Module Reset

    If your airbag has deployed in an accident, your airbag module needs to be reset in order to keep your car safe. Learn more about airbag module reset at My Auto Solutions in Buford, GA.

  • Climate Control

    Remanufactured climate control unit services are available at Atlanta area My Auto Solutions. You climate control unit is defective if the climate control display is dark, the thermostat is stuck, or the climate control loses power.

  • ECU: Engine Repair

    ECU problems can cause engine stalls, power loss, starting problems, cylinder misfires, or improper transmission shifts. My Auto Solutions can remanufacture your ECU in our Buford shop.

  • LCM: Light Control Module

    My Auto Solutions re-manufactures LCM units for national and local Atlanta area customers. If your headlights flicker or don’t turn on, your turn signals don’t work, or your horn doesn’t function, visit our Buford workshop for repairs.

  • Mileage Correction

    Correct your mileage with services from My Auto Solutions in Buford, Ga. We correct mileage data corrupted from jump starts, electrical faults, and motor or gauge failures.

  • Overhead Message Center

    Repair your overhead message center with Atlanta area My Auto Solutions. Our technicians re-manufacture overhead messages centers with issues like dim display, lost power, or malfunctioning compass.

  • Seat Belt Repair

    Keep your seat belts in top condition with seat belt repairs from My Auto Solutions. We repair seat belt webbing that is frayed or ripped, seat belt tension, and seat belt buckles that don’t lock.

  • Cluster/Speedometer Repair

    When your instrument lights flicker, your gauges don’t work, or your speedometer doesn’t show the right speed, it’s time to repair your instrument cluster. My Auto Solutions in Georgia has quality remanufactured instrument cluster services.

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