Volvo Instrument Cluster Repair

All Volvo cars need their speedometer and instrument cluster in top working condition. When gauges start flickering or the instrument cluster loses power, the car can be unsafe and difficult to drive. At My Auto Solutions, we help customers find technically innovative and cost effective repairs for their Volvo instrument cluster problems.

Atlanta Area Volvo Instrument Cluster Repair

We provide skilled Volvo electronics repairs at My Auto Solutions. Our talented Atlanta area technicians are experienced with the unique repairs that Volvo instrument clusters need. Volvo cars, especially Volvo V70 and Volvo C70 models, exhibit instrument cluster failure in a variety of ways. Some common signs of Volvo instrument cluster failure repaired in our Buford, GA workshop include:

  • No power or dead instrument clusters
  • Intermittent instrument cluster power loss
  • Flickering lights on instrument cluster or gauges
  • No power or dead clock
  • Clock loses time after reset
  • Dim or barely visible dashboard lights

Volvo Instrument Cluster Repair at My Auto Solutions

At My Auto Solutions, our repairs are high quality and cost effective. While many dealerships require costly part replacement, our team technically remanufactures broken auto parts. We save customers money by repairing broken or loose electronic components for a fraction of the dealership price. All Volvo instrument cluster repairs at My Auto Solutions restore the malfunctioning parts to their factory settings.

Additionally, Volvo instrument cluster repairs from my Auto Solutions always meet our incredibly high quality standards. Our team runs a series of tests on repaired parts to make sure that our work consistently performs at the highest levels. We guarantee that Volvo instrument clusters repaired at My Auto Solutions are ready for installation; no additional service or programming required.

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