Digital Gauges: Common Issues and Repair Solutions

A vehicle’s instrument cluster contains many digital gauges, which provide readings for the speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, temperature, fuel level, voltage, message center, and any other indicators that may appear on your digital dash.

If you notice that your digital gauges are reading incorrectly, the problem may be caused by the instrument cluster itself. Common issues that are found with broken gauges include:

  • The display shows unusual or broken characters
  • The display readings are inaccurate
  • The instrument cluster is dim
  • The instrument cluster shows no display
  • The display flickers

Repairing a Broken Instrument Cluster

When an instrument cluster breaks, causing the digital gauges to malfunction, your vehicle may have an electrical problem or an issue with different sensors throughout the car. If all of your digital gauges on the display have gone out, you may have a blown fuse in the instrument cluster. If only one section of the digital display has gone out, the vehicle sensor sending information to a specific gauge may be broken or experiencing faulty wiring.

Instrument Cluster Repair in Buford, GA

My Auto Solutions offers instrument cluster repair without the added expense of ordering new parts from the manufacturer. Our Buford technicians specialize in remanufacturing parts to factory standards to help save you money while providing quality repair service.

Our workshop caters to customers all over metro Atlanta as well as across the United States through our convenient mail-in service. Simply mail in your faulty instrument cluster, and our experienced technicians will repair the damage and have it back in the mail within 24 hours.

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