PCM Repair FAQs

The powertrain control module (PCM), or the engine control module (ECM), is the “brain” of your car. It is connected to a variety of engine components, and is able to alert the driver if something is not functioning correctly.

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that the team at My Auto Solutions in Buford, GA, receives about PCM repair.

What Does the Powertrain Control Module Do?

The PCM regulates the majority of functions for your car. Working as a “brain” for your car’s engine control, if the PCM is not working properly, your car’s engine, transmission, or charging system may suffer. Your PCM senses many components of your engine and will alert you (usually with the check engine light) if something in not functioning correctly.

What Are the Signs of PCM Failure?

Although the signs of PCM or ECM failure can vary, the most common indicators include:

  • Check engine light on
  • Power loss
  • Slow start, or no start
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Rattling engine noise when car is parked or neutral
  • Engine stalls

If you notice any of these signs of PCM failure, it is important to seek repair as soon as possible.

How Do I Repair my PCM?

The good thing about PCM repair is that you do not always have to replace the unit. In many cases, our technicians run several diagnostic tests which can pinpoint the problem, and then repair it.

When diagnosing issues with your PCM, technicians can determine was the issues are by use of diagnostic trouble codes. The PCM can communicate by use of OBD codes, where the car’s onboard control modules may be misfiring.

Which OBD Codes Indicate PCM Failure?

Onboard diagnostic (OBD) codes that most often point to a problem with the powertrain control module include:

  • P0600: Serial Communication Link
  • P0601: Internal Control Module Memory Check Error
  • P0602: Control Module Programming Error
  • P0603: Internal Control Module KAM Error
  • P0603: Internal Control Module RAM Error
  • P0605: Internal Control Module ROM Error
  • P0606: ECM/PCM Processor
  • P0607: Control Module Performance

Where Can I Find Quality PCM Repair?

My Auto Solutions in Buford remanufactures faulty PCM/ECM units at a fraction of the dealership price. All of our technicians are IPC certified, which means you can trust their knowledge and experience when repairing your car’s computer system. We serve the metro Atlanta area and are committed to providing you with fast, cost-effective service.

How Much will PCM Repair Cost?

At My Auto Solutions, we pride ourselves in offering cost-effective pricing which beats out the high fees charged by dealerships. Our company was created to save customers money by specializing in rebuilding and remanufacturing electronics, instead of costly replacements. You will save hundreds of dollars on your PCM repair by choosing My Auto Solutions and your repair is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Find PCM Repair at My Auto Solutions

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