FAQs about Light Control Module Repair

The Light Control Module (LCM) is an important component of a vehicle because it controls all of the car’s lights, as well as the horn function. My Auto Solutions in Buford, Georgia specializes in LCM repair for broken modules, and has compiled this list of frequently asked questions about Light Control Module repair.

What functions are controlled by the LCM?

The Light Control Module controls all of the lights on the vehicle, including headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, fog lights and hazard lights. Whether you are noticing issues with a specific light, or with sets of lights, such as high beams, low beams, or parking lights, My Auto Solutions can locate the issue within your LCM and provide a fix to get you safely back on the road.

How Can I Tell if My LCM is Broken?

There are many telltale signs of a malfunctioning LCM. If you notice any of the following problems, you may have a faulty Light Control Module in need of repair.

  • Headlights do not turn on or are intermittent
  • Certain or all taillights have stopped working
  • Brake lights no longer function or are intermittent
  • Turn signals do not blink or blink too quickly
  • Emergency hazard lights do not blink or blink too quickly
  • Dashboard does not illuminate

Is it Safe for Me to Drive with a Faulty Light Control Module?

My Auto Solutions advises against driving without a properly working Light Control Module to ensure driver safety. Not only does the LCM aid in vision while driving, especially while driving at night or in poor weather conditions, but it also alerts other drivers. The LCM is a required safety device and if your vehicle was inspected your vehicle would fail.  Furthermore, and this is the ‘kicker’, not getting your LCM repaired can cost you a ticket from your friendly Highway Patrol or Sheriff.

Without a functioning LCM, your risk of being involved in an accident increases as other drivers are less aware of your vehicle slowing down, stopping, or changing lanes…enter that same friendly Highway Patrol or Sherriff—or even that Waze app “good Samaritan” who reports you as if you were a drunk driver without your lights or for your lights doing goofy things making you seem suspicious. My Auto Solutions can get you back on the road with one less potential hassle for your busy life.

What Caused My LCM to Stop Working?

If your vehicle started experiencing lighting problems due to the Light Control Module, there are many lighting switches or sensors that could be malfunctioning. Common problems with the LCM include a blown fuse, or a lack of power at the LCM connector.

Where is the LCM located in my vehicle?

Although vehicles can differ, the Light Control Module is normally located underneath the steering wheel, above and to the right of the gas pedal. My Auto Solutions can help you locate your LCM, as we offer service for the makes of several vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Nissan, Buick, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Chevy, GMC, Infinity, Isuzu, Volvo, Jaguar, Mercury, Lincoln, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, Subaru, Cadillac, and Volkswagen cars.

What Should I Do if My LCM Malfunctions?

If you have started experiencing problems with your Light Control Module, it is important to take your vehicle to an experienced technician. Auto technicians can scan your car for fault codes that will locate the exact error in the lighting system. Electrical systems can be tricky, and My Auto Solutions has all the proper testing equipment to provide high quality repair without further damaging your vehicle.

Light Control Module Repair at My Auto Solutions

My Auto Solutions offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for Light Control Module repair. While dealerships tend to charge expensive fees for part replacement, our highly experienced auto technicians specialize in remanufactured parts that are tested to factory standards and require no additional programming.

Our Buford, Georgia facility caters to customers throughout metro Atlanta, as well as providing a mail-in service for happy customers across the United States. We restore broken Light Control Modules and send them back within 24 hours so that you can get back to a “normal” life without the aggravation of annoying LCM problems.

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