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When the engine control unit, or ECU, fails and the car engine starts to malfunction, it can be difficult to find a high quality and economical solution. In some cases, the engine itself is functional, but the internal computer module is causing problems; many body shops and dealers mistake the computer malfunction for a problem with the engine, and charge thousands of dollars to replace a working engine.

My Auto Solutions provides an alternate option for customers. Our Atlanta area workshop can remanufacture ECU, ECM, PCM, and FICM units for a variety of popular car makes and models. Rebuilt engines are cost effective, high quality, and environmentally responsible.

Types of Rebuilt Engine Repairs

Because car manufacturers use a variety of different acronyms to refer to the engine control unit, it can be difficult to find the right repair service. The highly experienced technicians at My Auto Solutions repair and remanufacture many common ECU, ECM, PCM, and FICM units. A quick guide to the different engine control unit terms is listed below:

  • ECU– Engine Control Unit
  • ECM– Engine Control Module
  • PCM– Powertrain Control Module
  • FICM– Fuel Injection Control Module

Regardless of ECU type or name, My Auto Solutions provides high quality technical service to solve common engine issues. Our Atlanta area staff has the knowledge and expertise to repair damaged circuit boards, faulty wiring, and sensor issues. While most car repair professionals can only replace a damaged ECU, My Auto Solutions can fix the unit in 24 hours with a money back guarantee.

ECU Repairs from My Auto Solutions

ECU repairs from My Auto Solutions can be done in person at our Buford, GA workshop or through our convenient mail-in service. Some of the common ECU issues our skilled technicians repair with innovative and economical solutions are listed below:

  • Engine stalls
  • Engine power loss
  • Check engine light on
  • Rattling engine noise
  • Slow start, no start, or rough start

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