To Reset or To Replace: What to Do After Your Airbag Has Deployed

After airbags deploy in an accident, it’s important to reset or replace the airbag module as soon as possible. Airbags are one of the most important car features for driver and passenger safety. At My Auto Solutions, we strongly recommend that customers promptly seek support for deployed airbags. Our experienced technicians provide cost effective airbag module reset services and remanufactured airbag modules to keep our customers safe.

It can be difficult to decide between an airbag module reset and an airbag module replacement. While a deployed airbag always needs to be replaced, there are a few options available for the airbag module, or the computer that controls airbag activity. Most dealerships will recommend airbag module replacement, an expensive service with extra fees for custom ordered parts. My Auto Solutions recommends airbag module reset services as a cost effective option with high quality results.

Why Choose Airbag Module Reset Services from My Auto Solutions?

My Auto Solutions provides expertly serviced and technically innovative remanufactured parts in our Atlanta area workshop. Listed below are some of the top reasons customers with a deployed airbag should choose our airbag module reset services:

  • My Auto Solutions restores the airbag module to factory settings.
  • Reset Airbag modules from my Auto Solutions require no additional programming prior to installation.
  • The technicians at My Auto Solutions erase hard and soft crash data from the airbag module.
  • All reset airbag modules from My Auto Solutions are tested by our high industry standards.
  • Repairs from My Auto Solutions are completed within 24 hours.
  • Reset airbag modules from My Auto Solutions function like new parts, but save you money.

Contact My Auto Solutions to Reset Your Airbag Module

At My Auto Solutions, we think that airbag module reset is the smart choice for customers. We can rebuild airbag modules for most car models from 1995 and up. Our workshop is located near Atlanta and is easily accessible to local Georgia customers. We also provide airbag module reset services to national customers through our convenient mail-in service program. Airbag module resets are completed within 24 hours and come with our money back guarantee.

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