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Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

For many drivers, the check engine light indicates that expensive dealership repairs are needed. As opposed to other car indicators, the check engine light gives no specific information about the location or nature of the problem. At My Auto Solutions, we provide high quality ECU repairs to solve many check engine light issues and help our customers avoid pricy dealership visits. Our skilled metro Atlanta area technicians can fix a check engine light that’s always on, or a light that flickers on and off, with expertly remanufactured ECUs.

There are a variety of electrical reasons that cause the check engine light to go on or to flicker on and off. At My Auto Solutions, our goal is to find innovative and cost effective solutions to automotive issues that include remanufacturing viable parts. Listed below are just a few of the issues our highly experienced technicians solve with economical remanufactured ECU, ECM, PCM, and FICM units:

  • Malfunctioning oxygen sensor
  • Faulty mass airflow sensor
  • Defective wiring
  • Broken or frayed wires
  • Worn spark plugs or plug wires
  • Damaged electrical components

Check Engine Light Repairs from My Auto Solutions

ECU repairs from My Auto Solutions are easy, economical, and environmentally sound. Our workshop is conveniently located near Atlanta, GA. We welcome Georgia customers to visit our workshop and discuss their ECU issues with our trained customer service representatives. My Auto Solutions also provides service to national customers through our mail-in service. All our repairs are completed and ready to be returned within 24 hours.

If your check engine light goes on, don’t put off repairs to avoid an expensive trip to the dealership. Choose My Auto Solutions for cost effective remanufactured parts. Contact our Buford, GA workshop though our online form, via email at, or via phone at (678) 778-8890. My Auto Solutions uses rebuilt parts to turn off your check engine light and save you money.