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Common Seat Belt Problems

It’s no secret that seat belts are a crucial part of a vehicle’s safety system. Seat belts, however, will malfunction if they are worn or damaged in any way. If your seat belt is defective, it will not provide you and your passengers with the level of protection that it is designed for. Protect yourself and everyone in the car with you through the cost-effective seat belt repairs from My Auto Solutions.

When Should I Have My Seat Belt Repaired?

If you think that your seat belt might not be working properly, bring or ship it to My Auto Solutions for repairs. Listed below are a few examples of common seat belt issues, all of which should be addressed immediately for your safety.

Seat Belt Retractor Problems

Even if your seat belt looks perfectly intact, it will not work properly if there is an issue with the retractor. Most modern seat belts have a sensor that automatically allows the seat belt to snugly hold the driver in position. If your seat belt fits loosely, then something is wrong with the retractor. Similarly, if the seat belt pulls tightly and won’t loosen, or gets stuck and won’t retract at all, you should have the retractor repaired.

Damaged Seat Belt Webbing

Just as it is vital that your seat belt retracts properly, it is also essential that the webbing of your seat belt remains intact. Seat belt webbing can weaken and fray over time, which will leave the passenger vulnerable in an accident when the seat belt needs to be able to hold strong. Seat belt webbing may also become damaged if it is chewed by a pet, cut, frayed, or ripped in any way.

Seat Belt Lock Issues

A functioning retractor and intact webbing won’t protect you in an accident if the seat belt lock is damaged. If your vehicle’s seat belt won’t lock or unlock, or frequently gets stuck in one position, it should be repaired.

My Auto Solutions for Common Seat Belt Problems

If your vehicle has been in accident, and your seat belts are locked or are not retracting, you can send them in to us to have them rebuilt. We specialize in rebuilding seat belts after accident.

Call us at 678-778-8890, or fill out our online contact form with any questions about our seat belt repair services.

When Should I Seek Mileage Correction Services?

One of the many automotive electronic repair services we offer at My Auto Solutions is mileage correction. If a vehicle is damaged in an accident or has an electrical problem, it may cause the odometer to malfunction.

Our IPC-certified technicians repair these issues and restore odometers to their original condition and set them to the correct mileage. To learn more about our mileage correction services, read some of the most frequently asked questions regarding odometer repair.

Is Mileage Correction Legal?

Many people incorrectly associate mileage correction with the illegal practice of turning back a vehicle’s odometer in order to make a better sale on the car. This is not what we do at My Auto Solutions. It is illegal to alter a vehicle’s mileage and not disclose that information to a future buyer. We require that all of our customers seeking to alter their odometer’s reading have a legitimate reason to do so. Examples of legitimate and legal reasons for mileage correction are listed below.

Reasons for Mileage Correction

There are many factors that can cause an odometer to malfunction. While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the most common reasons that a vehicle may require mileage correction.


Jump-starting a vehicle may cause the odometer to read incorrectly. In this case, we will simply repair the odometer and return the mileage to the correct reading.

Odometer Replacement

If a vehicle’s odometer is replaced with a second-hand one, the replacement odometer will need to be reset to reflect the vehicle’s accurate mileage.

Odometer Flickering

We repair odometers whose lights are flickering on and off.

Instrument Cluster Damage

Electrical faults may occur after the instrument cluster has been damaged, in which case the odometer would need to be restored to read accurately.

Why Mileage Correction at My Auto Solutions?

At My Auto Solutions, we are committed to ethical and professional work on all of our mileage correction repairs. We also offer a cost-effective and simple alternative to the expense and hassle of dealership repairs.

Contact My Auto Solutions for Mileage Correction

To learn more about our mileage correction repair services, contact our Atlanta workshop at 678-778-8890 or reach out via our online contact form.

Speedometer Not Working: Solutions for Broken Speedometers

Speedometers are important features in cars that tell the driver how fast they are going at any point in time. Without a working speedometer, drivers are risking their safety by not being able to determine how quickly they are moving, and it becomes easier to speed without realizing it.

If you find that your speedometer is not working, My Auto Solutions offers speedometer repair for defective or broken speedometers. Whether the issue is due to the speedometer or defective parts in the instrument cluster, our experienced Buford, Georgia technicians can provide a solution for any broken speedometer.

How to Tell if Your Speedometer is Not Working

Detecting a broken speedometer is easy. When a speedometer is not working, it may read zero no matter how fast you are actually traveling. Speedometers can also jump around rapidly, never staying put at a certain speed. Broken speedometers can also trigger the check engine light to come on if your car’s computer is no longer able to sense what speed you are driving at.

Solutions for Broken Speedometers at My Auto Solutions

If your speedometer is not working, the experienced technicians at My Auto Solutions can provide high quality repairs with a lifetime warranty. A vehicle’s speedometer can malfunction due to any of the following reasons:

• Broken speed sensor
• Loose or damaged wires
• Problem with the ECU
• Broken gears or speedometer head
• Blown fuse in the instrument cluster

The most common reason that speedometers malfunction is due to a broken speed sensor, which can be easily repaired or replaced by an experienced auto mechanic in Buford, Georgia. If the check engine light appears, there may be a disconnected wire or blown fuse that is blocking the ECU from receiving information from the speed sensors.

Rather than replacing the entire speedometer unit, My Auto Solutions offers remanufactured parts that are tested to factory standards. Our technicians can repair and replace speed sensors, speedometer heads, or broken gears within the system for a lower cost than a dealership. In Buford, Georgia, we can repair any part of the instrument cluster or ECU that is causing your speedometer to malfunction.

If your speedometer is broken, call My Auto Solutions at (678) 778-8890, contact us online, or take advantage of our convenient 24-hour mail-in service. We will have your speedometer working again in no time so that you can get back on the road knowing you are traveling at a safe speed.

5 Common Car Maintenance Steps that Could Save You Money

While some car repairs do require professional service, others can easily be fixed at home to save money. My Auto Solutions in Buford, Georgia recommends these 5 common car maintenance steps to help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. Check Your Fluid Levels

Inadequate amounts of fluids can lead to serious car damage and even more costly repairs. By checking the following fluid levels and staying on a regular maintenance schedule, you can save your car from extra damages and costs.

• Oil
• Antifreeze
• Transmission fluid
• Wiper fluid
• Brake and power steering fluid

2. Keep Your Tires in Check

Tires encounter significant wear and tear on the road, and naturally lose air over time. Tire pressure should be checked frequently, as proper tire pressure helps prolong the life of your tire, as well as allowing for efficient gas mileage. Obstacles such as nails or potholes on the road can also lead to flat tires and the need for costly replacement. Keeping a spare tire and proper tools in your car can reduce towing expenses in the case of a flat tire.

3. Replace Your Air Filter

Most cars do not require the use of any tools for air filter replacement, providing a simple fix in less than 5 minutes. Air filters are also relatively inexpensive, making their replacement ideal for do-it-yourself car maintenance. When a vehicle’s air filter is full of dirt, gas mileage drops, causing you to spend even more money on fuel. My Auto Solutions recommends replacing your air filters every 3 months, but depending on your normal driving environment, filters could need replaced more often.

4. Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades deteriorate over time, and should be replaced once per year. Whether or not you use your windshield wipers often, weather can damage wiper blades, and rubber wears out after years of use. Old or damaged wiper blades also put you at higher risk of an accident if your vision is obstructed due to factors such as weather conditions or a dirty windshield. To remain safe of the road and avoid the costs accompanied by an accident, wiper blade replacement provides an inexpensive fix.

5. Read Your Owner’s Manual

Reading a vehicle’s owner’s manual is the best way to save money on car maintenance. Each car has specific requirements, and the owner’s manual will tell you exactly how often certain parts or fluids need replaced to keep your vehicle functioning properly. The manual also gives instructions to perform more car maintenance tasks that are easy for any vehicle owner to restore at home.

Car Maintenance Tips From My Auto Solutions

At My Auto Solutions, we focus on saving you money on car maintenance and repair service. By following the steps above you can avoid huge costs without putting in significant effort or making a trip to the repair shop. For car repairs do require the help of an experienced auto technician, My Auto Solutions offers an economical alternative to dealership repairs and a 24-hour turnaround for remanufactured parts. Our Buford, Georgia technicians provide high quality car repair service while aiming to save you money in every way possible.

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

For many drivers, the check engine light indicates that expensive dealership repairs are needed. As opposed to other car indicators, the check engine light gives no specific information about the location or nature of the problem. At My Auto Solutions, we provide high quality ECU repairs to solve many check engine light issues and help our customers avoid pricy dealership visits. Our skilled metro Atlanta area technicians can fix a check engine light that’s always on, or a light that flickers on and off, with expertly remanufactured ECUs.

There are a variety of electrical reasons that cause the check engine light to go on or to flicker on and off. At My Auto Solutions, our goal is to find innovative and cost effective solutions to automotive issues that include remanufacturing viable parts. Listed below are just a few of the issues our highly experienced technicians solve with economical remanufactured ECU, ECM, PCM, and FICM units:

  • Malfunctioning oxygen sensor
  • Faulty mass airflow sensor
  • Defective wiring
  • Broken or frayed wires
  • Worn spark plugs or plug wires
  • Damaged electrical components

Check Engine Light Repairs from My Auto Solutions

ECU repairs from My Auto Solutions are easy, economical, and environmentally sound. Our workshop is conveniently located near Atlanta, GA. We welcome Georgia customers to visit our workshop and discuss their ECU issues with our trained customer service representatives. My Auto Solutions also provides service to national customers through our mail-in service. All our repairs are completed and ready to be returned within 24 hours.

If your check engine light goes on, don’t put off repairs to avoid an expensive trip to the dealership. Choose My Auto Solutions for cost effective remanufactured parts. Contact our Buford, GA workshop though our online form, via email at, or via phone at (678) 778-8890. My Auto Solutions uses rebuilt parts to turn off your check engine light and save you money.