Ensure Your Safety: Calibrate Your Vehicle’s Speedometer

When a speedometer fails to read the correct speed, you’re putting yourself at risk of going over the speed limit, or being involved in a dangerous crash. Making sure your speedometer is calibrated properly can help you stay safe on the road.

In most cases, speedometer calibration is required after you’ve changed the tire size or the gear ratio on your vehicle. Aspects such as tire pressure, wear and tear, temperature and even vehicle load can also cause a variation in your speedometer reading.

Many people with inaccurate speedometer displays get pulled over for speeding or reckless driving. Speedometer calibration at My Auto Solutions can ensure that your vehicle accurately shows your speed to help you avoid getting a surprise speeding ticket. In one case, a My Auto Solutions’ customer took our receipt for repair to the County Probate and was able to avoid the ticket. Now, this doesn’t happen every day, but neither does the unexpected hassle of being pulled over for faulty speedometers!

Solutions to Repair Faulty Speedometers

Speedometers aren’t 100 percent accurate, but factory settings aim to keep the error under 5 percent. If you recently updated the size of your tires, just get the feeling that the reading on your speedometer is off, My Auto Solutions can help.

Regardless of whether your vehicle uses an analogue or digital speedometer, both can be easily recalibrated.

Analogue speedometers simply need a new gear that matches your transmission type and the number of teeth on the speedometer drive gear. Digital speedometers can be recalibrated by pressing the button on the speedometer when starting the vehicle’s ignition, and following your vehicle’s instructions for auto-calibrating or manually calibrating your speedometer.

My Auto Solutions technicians are IPC Certified, which means certified to the same industry standards, specifications and requirements used to manufacture the speedometers. Our technicians have also been recognized by the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce as well as the State of Georgia for our training and partnership programs that produce the finest and best compensated technicians. This means that your speedometer is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

Speedometer Repair at My Auto Solutions

At My Auto Solutions, our experienced technicians provide repairs for faulty or broken speedometers. Our Buford facility specializes in remanufactured parts and speedometer repair, offering you a price- saving alternative from dealerships that charge high fees for speedometer replacement.

Although My Auto Solutions is located in Buford, Georgia, we offer repair service across the United States through our mail-in service. By mailing your broken speedometer to our Bufordfacility, our auto technicians can repair your car parts and send them back within 24 hours.

If you suspect that your vehicle’s speedometer is inaccurate, contact My Auto Solutions online or at (678) 778-8890.