Everything You Need to Know About Seat Belt Repair

You might think that a frayed or warped seat belt doesn’t present a serious problem—after all, it still works, right?

In reality, frayed, ripped, or warped seal belts are actually dangerous safety hazards that should be repaired immediately. At My Auto Solutions in Buford, GA, we repair a variety of seat belt issues quickly and at an affordable price point. With our level of service, there’s no good reason to wait to have your seat belt repaired.

Common Seat Belt Problems

If you have noticed any of the following problems with your vehicle’s seat belts, bring or mail them to our Buford location today to have them repaired. While some of these problems may seem minor, they can still affect the effectiveness and safety of your seat belts. Your seat belts need to be in excellent shape in order for them to protect you and your family.

  • Seat belt webbing is cut, ripped, chewed, or frayed
  • Seat belt won’t lock or unlock
  • Seat belt won’t retract
  • Seat belt fits tightly or loosely
  • Seat belt buckle is bent or corroded
  • Seat belt doesn’t stay locked

Why Have Seat Belts Repaired at My Auto Solutions?

At My Auto Solutions, we pride ourselves on fast, effective, and quality service. In addition to our quick turnaround and low prices, we also offer a 100% guarantee on our repairs or we’ll give you a complete refund for services rendered.

Our Buford, Georgia location is easily accessible for any Atlanta-area customers to have their seat belts repaired, and our mail-in service makes it easy for customers across the country to send in their parts for repair as well.

Most importantly, My Auto Solutions is completely certified to repair and ship items that contain hazardous materials—that’s right, your vehicle’s seat belt pretensioners contain initiators and propellant, which qualifies them as hazmat. If you send a seat belt for repair, you’ll get it back in 24 hours with a DOT shipping label, so you can be sure that we are registered.

Call My Auto Solutions for Seat Belt Repair

Call or visit our Buford, GA location for all of your seat belt repair needs, and rest easy that you are keeping yourself and your family safe—and saving money all the while! Give us a call at 678-778-8890 or fill out the contact form on the right to place your order.