How to Make Your Washer and Dryer Last Longer

A washer and dryer is usually one of the first appliances that many people buy when they move into their home. They can also be very expensive and a hassle to get repaired or replaced if they start to malfunction or break.

While the typical lifespan of a home appliance is over 4 years, there are some preventative maintenance steps that you can take to help your washer and dryer last longer and avoid costly repairs.

Washer Maintenance Tips

1. Never overload your washer. Always closely follow your manufacturer’s recommendation for maximum capacity as too much weight could cause unnecessary wear and tear on the machine’s components.
2. Use the right type of detergent and carefully measure the amount for the size load you are washing. Too much soap can cause extra rinse cycles, which causes your machine to work harder.
3. For top loading washers, evenly distribute your clothes in the drum. Too much on one side will cause the drum to become unbalanced.
4. For front loading washers, leave the door open after you unload your clothes so excess moisture can evaporate. Trapping the moisture in the drum could lead to a mold or mildew issue.

Dryer Maintenance

1. Clean the lint trap out after every drying cycle so air can flow freely through the filter.
2. Regularly check the exhaust duct for a buildup of lint, and clean any that you see. You should thoroughly clean the exhaust vent every year to prevent fires and clogging.
3. Make sure your dryer is level. A dryer that clunks or bounces around will begin to show more wear and tear on its components than a dryer that remains stationary. Ensuring your dryer is on a flat, level surface will also make it run quieter.

Contact Us for Repairs

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