How to Reset Your Airbag Module

Your airbags are an important safety feature of your car and should always be kept in excellent shape. Airbags don’t last forever and need to be occasionally replaced or repaired to function at their best and protect you and your passengers from harm if you are in an accident.

If you have been in an accident where your airbags deployed, or your airbag light is on, you will most likely need to reset your airbag module before your airbags can begin working normally again. When your car senses that there is a problem with the airbags, it will disengage the airbags and alert you with the airbag warning light. This could be an issue with the airbags themselves, the wiring or the computer system.

Why You Should Reset Your Airbag Module

It is very important for you to immediately diagnose and reset your airbag module if they have deployed or your airbag light is on. Because your airbags are disabled when your car senses that there is an issue or has registered a crash code in the airbag module, they will not deploy in you are in an accident.

However, replacing or resetting your airbag module can be easy and cost-efficient. Our experienced technicians can help you quickly identify and fix the problem – at a fraction of the cost of dealerships and overpriced auto body shops- with our expert airbag reset services.

Step by Step Guide

1. Disconnect your car battery. Trying to disconnect the airbag harness while the car’s battery is still in place may cause the airbags to deploy or damage your computer system.
2. After disconnecting the positive battery cable, wait three minutes.
3. Unplug the SRS system from the harness wiring plugs.
4. Safely remove the computer module.
5. Use our convenient mail-in service to send our experienced airbag technicians your module so we can diagnose, repair or reset it and have it back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.
6. Reconnect your airbag module.
7. Reconnect your battery.
8. Check to make sure airbag warning light is no longer on or flashing.

If Your Light is Still On After Reset

Resetting the airbag module only clears codes that were previously in there. If your airbag light comes on again after being reset it is still sensing a problem with your airbag system, which you will have to diagnose and fix before they can start working normally again.

Let Us Help You!

Whether your airbags have been deployed in an accident or simply in need of a repair, is here to help! We can perform airbag module reset, airbag troubleshooting tips, and provide you with durable re-manufactured parts. Call our technicians today at (678) 778-8890 to see how we can help you reset your airbags for as little as $49.