How to Tell If You Have a Faulty ECU

The ECU, or engine control unit, keeps a vehicle’s engine running properly. The ECU controls a car’s fuel and ignition systems, which affect fuel injection, the air/fuel ratio, the fuel pump, ignition timing, idle speed, valve lift timing, and more. When any part of the ECU starts to malfunction, you may notice problems with the performance of your vehicle.

If you notice problems with an automatic transition or getting your vehicle to start or stay on, an auto technician will be able to locate the exact problem. My Auto Solutions has experienced technicians that specialize in ECU repair. Located in Buford, Georgia, we provide high quality repairs and remanufactured parts to the metro Atlanta area.
Below are common signs of a broken or damaged ECU:

• Check engine light is on
• Drop in fuel economy or efficiency
• Trouble starting the car
• Stalling
• Car randomly revs engine
• Misfires
• Sudden jerking or stopping when shifting gears
• Battery problems

The experienced auto technicians at My Auto Solutions examine the car’s engine control unit to provide our customers with high quality ECU repair that will resolve the issues listed above.

Causes of ECU Damage

ECU problems can arise due to the age of your vehicle and the natural breakdown from wear-and-tear. However, certain conditions may also require ECU repair. If you have encountered the following problems with your automobile, your car may be at risk for ECU damage.

• Your car was jump started on reverse polarity
• Your car’s battery was overcharged by the alternator
• Your ECU overheated
• Water or fire damage to the ECU
• Broken pins in the ECU

Failure to repair a damaged ECU can cause serious and expensive engine problems. If you are in need of ECU repair, My Auto Solutions offers an economical solution to dealership fixes that can safely get you back on the road.

My Auto Solutions provides permanent ECU repair with a lifetime warranty. Whether your ECU needs to be rebuilt or simply repaired, our technicians deliver quality car repair service that will protect you and your wallet. Contact My Auto Solutions for your automobile repairs through our online form, or by calling our Buford location at (678) 778-8890.