Ways to Make Your Car Run More Efficiently

With gas prices on the rise, getting the most miles per gallon is important for people looking to fill up their gas tank less often and save money. Properly maintaining your car and driving it conservatively is vital to keeping it running efficiently and maintaining fuel economy. However, you can optimize your fuel economy simply by following a few simple rules.

Check out these easy tips from the car engine experts at MASRepair to maximize your vehicle’s efficiency and get the most out of every gallon.

Maintain Proper Tire Inflation

Tires that are under inflated increase road resistance and use more fuel. Keeping your tires inflated to the maximum recommended PSI listed in your owner’s manual can reduce fuel consumption by up to 4 percent, and also helps extend the life of your tires.

Don’t Roll Down the Windows

Having your windows down when you are traveling at high speeds reduces your car’s aerodynamics and creates drag. Keep them rolled up when traveling above 45 MPH to save fuel – even when running the air conditioning.

Get Regular Oil Changes and Tune Ups

Properly maintaining your engine with regular oil changes and tune ups helps keep it clean and fully functional. Excessive build up in your engine and dirty, old oil reduces your fuel efficiency and emits more emissions.

Drive Safely

Slowly accelerating and decelerating uses less fuel than constantly speeding up and slamming on the brakes. Driving a safe distance from the car in front of you will cut down on your need for excessive braking and lead to better fuel usage, as will driving the speed limit.

Take Care of Necessary Repairs

If your check engine light is on, there is a problem with your engine that is causing it to run less efficiently and release more emissions. Your check engine light is designed to come on when your engine detects an issue with the engine and may lead it to release more emissions than the legal limit – which is bad for the environment and your MPG.

If you have repair issues with your engine, antilock brake system or engine control unit, MAS Repair offers a convenient mail-in repair service to help you repair your vehicle’s components cost efficiently and quickly.

Customers from across the United States can send their defective auto parts to our Buford, Georgia store for remanufacturing. Once your item arrives to our workshop, it will be repaired and mailed back within 24 hours – so you can get back on the road quickly.