5 Common Car Maintenance Steps that Could Save You Money

While some car repairs do require professional service, others can easily be fixed at home to save money. My Auto Solutions in Buford, Georgia recommends these 5 common car maintenance steps to help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

1. Check Your Fluid Levels

Inadequate amounts of fluids can lead to serious car damage and even more costly repairs. By checking the following fluid levels and staying on a regular maintenance schedule, you can save your car from extra damages and costs.

• Oil
• Antifreeze
• Transmission fluid
• Wiper fluid
• Brake and power steering fluid

2. Keep Your Tires in Check

Tires encounter significant wear and tear on the road, and naturally lose air over time. Tire pressure should be checked frequently, as proper tire pressure helps prolong the life of your tire, as well as allowing for efficient gas mileage. Obstacles such as nails or potholes on the road can also lead to flat tires and the need for costly replacement. Keeping a spare tire and proper tools in your car can reduce towing expenses in the case of a flat tire.

3. Replace Your Air Filter

Most cars do not require the use of any tools for air filter replacement, providing a simple fix in less than 5 minutes. Air filters are also relatively inexpensive, making their replacement ideal for do-it-yourself car maintenance. When a vehicle’s air filter is full of dirt, gas mileage drops, causing you to spend even more money on fuel. My Auto Solutions recommends replacing your air filters every 3 months, but depending on your normal driving environment, filters could need replaced more often.

4. Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper blades deteriorate over time, and should be replaced once per year. Whether or not you use your windshield wipers often, weather can damage wiper blades, and rubber wears out after years of use. Old or damaged wiper blades also put you at higher risk of an accident if your vision is obstructed due to factors such as weather conditions or a dirty windshield. To remain safe of the road and avoid the costs accompanied by an accident, wiper blade replacement provides an inexpensive fix.

5. Read Your Owner’s Manual

Reading a vehicle’s owner’s manual is the best way to save money on car maintenance. Each car has specific requirements, and the owner’s manual will tell you exactly how often certain parts or fluids need replaced to keep your vehicle functioning properly. The manual also gives instructions to perform more car maintenance tasks that are easy for any vehicle owner to restore at home.

Car Maintenance Tips From My Auto Solutions

At My Auto Solutions, we focus on saving you money on car maintenance and repair service. By following the steps above you can avoid huge costs without putting in significant effort or making a trip to the repair shop. For car repairs do require the help of an experienced auto technician, My Auto Solutions offers an economical alternative to dealership repairs and a 24-hour turnaround for remanufactured parts. Our Buford, Georgia technicians provide high quality car repair service while aiming to save you money in every way possible.