Common Seat Belt Problems

It’s no secret that seat belts are a crucial part of a vehicle’s safety system. Seat belts, however, will malfunction if they are worn or damaged in any way. If your seat belt is defective, it will not provide you and your passengers with the level of protection that it is designed for. Protect yourself and everyone in the car with you through the cost-effective seat belt repairs from My Auto Solutions.

When Should I Have My Seat Belt Repaired?

If you think that your seat belt might not be working properly, bring or ship it to My Auto Solutions for repairs. Listed below are a few examples of common seat belt issues, all of which should be addressed immediately for your safety.

Seat Belt Retractor Problems

Even if your seat belt looks perfectly intact, it will not work properly if there is an issue with the retractor. Most modern seat belts have a sensor that automatically allows the seat belt to snugly hold the driver in position. If your seat belt fits loosely, then something is wrong with the retractor. Similarly, if the seat belt pulls tightly and won’t loosen, or gets stuck and won’t retract at all, you should have the retractor repaired.

Damaged Seat Belt Webbing

Just as it is vital that your seat belt retracts properly, it is also essential that the webbing of your seat belt remains intact. Seat belt webbing can weaken and fray over time, which will leave the passenger vulnerable in an accident when the seat belt needs to be able to hold strong. Seat belt webbing may also become damaged if it is chewed by a pet, cut, frayed, or ripped in any way.

Seat Belt Lock Issues

A functioning retractor and intact webbing won’t protect you in an accident if the seat belt lock is damaged. If your vehicle’s seat belt won’t lock or unlock, or frequently gets stuck in one position, it should be repaired.

My Auto Solutions for Common Seat Belt Problems

If your vehicle has been in accident, and your seat belts are locked or are not retracting, you can send them in to us to have them rebuilt. We specialize in rebuilding seat belts after accident.

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