When Should I Seek Mileage Correction Services?

One of the many automotive electronic repair services we offer at My Auto Solutions is mileage correction. If a vehicle is damaged in an accident or has an electrical problem, it may cause the odometer to malfunction.

Our IPC-certified technicians repair these issues and restore odometers to their original condition and set them to the correct mileage. To learn more about our mileage correction services, read some of the most frequently asked questions regarding odometer repair.

Is Mileage Correction Legal?

Many people incorrectly associate mileage correction with the illegal practice of turning back a vehicle’s odometer in order to make a better sale on the car. This is not what we do at My Auto Solutions. It is illegal to alter a vehicle’s mileage and not disclose that information to a future buyer. We require that all of our customers seeking to alter their odometer’s reading have a legitimate reason to do so. Examples of legitimate and legal reasons for mileage correction are listed below.

Reasons for Mileage Correction

There are many factors that can cause an odometer to malfunction. While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the most common reasons that a vehicle may require mileage correction.


Jump-starting a vehicle may cause the odometer to read incorrectly. In this case, we will simply repair the odometer and return the mileage to the correct reading.

Odometer Replacement

If a vehicle’s odometer is replaced with a second-hand one, the replacement odometer will need to be reset to reflect the vehicle’s accurate mileage.

Odometer Flickering

We repair odometers whose lights are flickering on and off.

Instrument Cluster Damage

Electrical faults may occur after the instrument cluster has been damaged, in which case the odometer would need to be restored to read accurately.

Why Mileage Correction at My Auto Solutions?

At My Auto Solutions, we are committed to ethical and professional work on all of our mileage correction repairs. We also offer a cost-effective and simple alternative to the expense and hassle of dealership repairs.

Contact My Auto Solutions for Mileage Correction

To learn more about our mileage correction repair services, contact our Atlanta workshop at 678-778-8890 or reach out via our online contact form.