Speedometer Not Working: Solutions for Broken Speedometers

Speedometers are important features in cars that tell the driver how fast they are going at any point in time. Without a working speedometer, drivers are risking their safety by not being able to determine how quickly they are moving, and it becomes easier to speed without realizing it.

If you find that your speedometer is not working, My Auto Solutions offers speedometer repair for defective or broken speedometers. Whether the issue is due to the speedometer or defective parts in the instrument cluster, our experienced Buford, Georgia technicians can provide a solution for any broken speedometer.

How to Tell if Your Speedometer is Not Working

Detecting a broken speedometer is easy. When a speedometer is not working, it may read zero no matter how fast you are actually traveling. Speedometers can also jump around rapidly, never staying put at a certain speed. Broken speedometers can also trigger the check engine light to come on if your car’s computer is no longer able to sense what speed you are driving at.

Solutions for Broken Speedometers at My Auto Solutions

If your speedometer is not working, the experienced technicians at My Auto Solutions can provide high quality repairs with a lifetime warranty. A vehicle’s speedometer can malfunction due to any of the following reasons:

• Broken speed sensor
• Loose or damaged wires
• Problem with the ECU
• Broken gears or speedometer head
• Blown fuse in the instrument cluster

The most common reason that speedometers malfunction is due to a broken speed sensor, which can be easily repaired or replaced by an experienced auto mechanic in Buford, Georgia. If the check engine light appears, there may be a disconnected wire or blown fuse that is blocking the ECU from receiving information from the speed sensors.

Rather than replacing the entire speedometer unit, My Auto Solutions offers remanufactured parts that are tested to factory standards. Our technicians can repair and replace speed sensors, speedometer heads, or broken gears within the system for a lower cost than a dealership. In Buford, Georgia, we can repair any part of the instrument cluster or ECU that is causing your speedometer to malfunction.

If your speedometer is broken, call My Auto Solutions at (678) 778-8890, contact us online, or take advantage of our convenient 24-hour mail-in service. We will have your speedometer working again in no time so that you can get back on the road knowing you are traveling at a safe speed.